President presides over Women’s Agrarian Conference

President presides over Women’s Agrarian Conference

President Maithripala Sirisena says the government is building the national economy of the country with an innovation economy based on knowledge, recognizing this task as its responsibility.

“We can’t go on a rapid journey for that. Instead the government is acting through a well-planned and proper program”, he added.

The President was speaking at the ‘Kantha Govi Sammelanaya’ (Wemen’s Agrarian Conference), held today (Oct. 13) in the Mahaweli Playground in Galnewa, Anuradhapura.

The conference was organized to get the women’s contribution to enhance the living standard of the people whose livelihood is agriculture and to properly maintain all agricultural lands to ensure sustainable development.

“The foundation of the national economy of this country is the strength of the resourceful daughters and women”, the President said.

He pointed out that Sri Lanka should be changed as it is a country which is moving forward with new technology. “The country should be taken forward with innovative economy based on the knowledge spread from domestic service to every field” he said.

He pointed out that the concept of home gardening is suitable for our country. “It also binds us with our historical heritage and will be a strong support to free our country from poverty”, the President further said.

“Everybody should get together without any political divisions to help success of this program of home gardening which is carried out in line with the national program to make the year 2017 the year of freeing our country from poverty”, he said.

The series of constitutions of women’s agrarian associations were presented to the President by the Minister of Agriculture Duminda Dissanayake. The President symbolically handed over the registered certificates for the women’s agrarian associations.

The programs on providing pensions for farmers, appointing representatives for agrarian insurance board to work on farmer unions, providing fertilizer subsidy compensation carried out under ‘Kethata Aruna’ program, providing funds to build wells for agricultural needs, were launched at this occasion.

The Maha Sangha and other religious leaders, People’s representatives, including Ministers Duminda Dissanayake, P. Harrison, Chandrani Bandara, State Minister, Wasantha Aluvihare, representatives of Farming Associations and many others participated in this event.


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