President inaugurates 100,000km road development project

President inaugurates 100,000km road development project

-Last 3 months were dedicated to create a ‘secured country’ as pledged

– No room for terrorist or religious extremisms to rise again

                                                                                                                              – President emphasized

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa today (19) inaugurated the Programme of developing 100,000 kilometres of alternate and rural roads fulfilling another pledge in ‘Rata Hadana Saubhagyaye Dekma’

The objective of the programme is to make life easier for the people by providing them the access to main roads from anywhere.

The project was launched with the commencement of development of the Rikillagaskada road via Galaha Deltota, Peradeniya.

The 52 km road will cost Rs. 600 million. The carpeted and renovated roads will reduce the travel time by 45 minutes.

This is the first public meeting the President has attended since the Presidential Election. President Rajapaksa said that he was happy to participate in the rally after making an election promise a reality.

The President said during last 3 months he was committed to create the ‘Safe Country’ he had pledged during the election. To achieve this goal a team of qualified officials including Secretary Defence have been assigned to the Intelligence network. They are allowed to exercise their powers without any fear or intimidation. The President reiterated that he will never allow terrorism or religious extremism to re-emerge.

A huge network of drug dealers has been identified. President Rajapaksa said that necessary steps have been taken to liberate the youth from this menace.

The independence of Judiciary is now guaranteed. It is expected that the people’s freedom and justice will be achieved as a result. The President said that during his tenure he will work towards creating equal opportunities for the people of all levels of the society.

Employment opportunities for 100,000 individuals in order to alleviate poverty, employing unemployed graduates, “One House for One Village”(Eka Gamakata Eka Niwasak) program for the underprivileged and the development of 100,000kms of roads in rural areas which kicked off today are some of the promises included in “Saubagyaye Dhakma” election manifesto. President Rajapaksa stated that he will fulfill each and every one of his promises.

President added that state officials have been given the authority and freedom to make brave and righteous decisions and requested them to utilize powers bestowed on them to fully serve the country.

“During the last five years, potential investment opportunities were lost due to inactivity of the previous government. We are committed to attract those missed investment opportunities. India, China as well as the Western countries have confidence in our government. Their investments within Sri Lanka would jump-start our economic growth.” President Rajapaksa added.

Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, several Ministers including State Minister Lohan Ratwatte, Governor Sarath Ekanayake, Secretary to the Ministry of Roads and Highways W. R. W. Pemasiri and several others were also present.

On his way to the event, President conversed with the vegetable vendors in the Galaha area. He visited several vegetable shops and inquired reasons for excessive prices. The President was informed that transportation and distribution of the vegetables grown in Galaha area via Dambulla is one the reasons.

President in return assured that he would find an immediate solution after consulting parties concerned.

President Rajapaksa was warmly welcomed by the residents in the area and he engaged in friendly talk with them.



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