Government and UNP discuss country’s prevailing situation due to COVID-19

Government and UNP discuss country’s prevailing situation due to COVID-19

– UNP praises the Government’s efforts in managing the virus

– Both parties keen to ensure uninterrupted essential services so as not to hinder people’s lives

– Over two hours of very constructive discussion

A very constructive discussion of over two hours took place at the Presidential Secretariat today (01) between the Government and the United National Party (UNP) representatives. The discussion was focused onthe country’s prevailing situation due to the spread of COVID-19. President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa led the discussions from the Government’s side.

President detailed the steps already taken to prevent the virus from spreading as well as the plans to implement in the days to come. It has been possible to make early identifications as most of those infected were either already in quarantine centers or those who were identified to have had close contact with the infected, noted President.

The discussion focused on the difficulties currently faced by the daily wage earners, self-employed, entrepreneurs, those in the agricultural industries and public servants. Attention was also paid to protecting the economy of the country.

As head of the Presidential Task Force, Basil Rajapaksa explained the distribution machanism in place to ensure that essential services, food and medicines reach communities. Furthermore, a relief measure of Rs 5,000/- will reach 530,000 families out of the 650,000 families identified in the country by 09th April, he said.

Both parties were of the opinion that the programs enacted to contain the virus should minimize the hardships that people will have to face. It was also agreed that this needs to be an apolitical process. As such, both agreed to enlighten the respective district level political representatives of the measures taken.

The services and the commitment by doctors, nurses and the medical staff, tri- forces, police and the entire security establishment were deeply appreciated and praised by both the Government and the UNP delegation.

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