President makes observation on new bridge built instead of Gini Petti Palama

President makes observation on new bridge built instead of Gini Petti Palama

President Maithripala Sirisena had made observation on the new bridge built across Kubukkan Oya, which flows to Mahaweli River passing Somawathiya area from Laksha Uyana, Polonnaruwa, yesterday (7).

This new bridge has been built as an alteration to the decayed Gini Petti Palama constructed by foreign and local engineering experts to allow water flow.

Since the dilapidation of the “Gini petti palama” which was built in the beginning of the Govi Janapada agriculture settlement programme has taken place long time ago there was a need for an alternative. Although the need to build an alternate bridge was discussed for years, that did not materialize. Finally that dream of the people became a reality under the district development project “Pibidemu Polonnaruwa” launched by President Maitiripala Sirisena.

The new bridge was built at a cost of Rs 133 million under the development project “Pibidemu Polonnaruwa”.

The bridge, built picturesquely connecting several villages nearby was opened to the usage of the public on (7) by a group of small children in the area in a simple ceremony amidst chanting of pirith by the mahasangha.

The President engaged in a friendly conversation with the people nearby.

Vice Principal of Sewamuktha Kndavura Maha Vidyalayaya, Ven. Kossinne Piyarathana Mahanayaka Thero also took part in the ceremony.

Later, the President joined a procession organized to commemorate the 53rd anniversary of Royal College, Polonnaruwa with the participation of school children, today (8).

This procession set off from Polonnaruwa new town arrived at Royal College, Polonnaruwa, and the Principal of the school, Mr. Ravi Lal  Wijesinghe, teachers and students joined this event.

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