Development projects proposed to fulfil people’s need to continue transparently – President

Development projects proposed to fulfil people’s need to continue transparently – President

Development projects proposed to fulfil people’s need to continue transparently – President

President Maithripala Sirisena mentioned that his policies against bribery and corruption have never changed and said the proposals will be created for the development projects to fulfil the needs of the people will carried forth transparently and without any irregularities.

President Sirisena expressed his thoughts while handing over newly opened class rooms to children in Girithale Janapada Kanishta Vidyalaya, Polonnaruwa, today (01).

This 6 million worth building with class rooms has been funded under ‘Pibidemu Polonnaruwa’ development project.

The President was warmly welcomed by the school students and he signed the memorial book after opening the commemorative plaque.

A tree was planted at the school premises by the president to mark his presence.

Certificates and medals were given to the students who won first places in all island primary singing competition by the President.

Meanwhile handing over the two-storeyed class rooms building to the students of Hingurakgoda Yodha Ela Maha Vidyalaya held today with the presence of the President.

This building has been constructed with the workforce support of Sri Lanka Navy and Rs11.45 million monetary subsidies under ‘Pibidemu Polonnaruwa’ development project.

Later, addressing the gathering, the President said that he will conduct development projects to revamp 2400 reservoirs in dry zones, a task none of the previous governments have done.

Under this programme 123 irrigation tanks of Polonnaruwa district will be renovated, the President said that adding the water issue faced by the people in the district over the last 60 years will be over at the end of this year permanently.

The  President further said that at present, he has received invitation to vest the newly constructed class room buildings at 142 schools among the 240 schools in the Polonnaruwa district, with the students.   

President Sirisena pointed out that as the necessary facilities given for the education of the children they should get good academic results too. He also said that a programme will be implemented in the future after consulting the relevant Principals and Educational officials to achieve good academic results after understanding the flaws shown by the school children in the Polonnaruwa district at the examinations.  

The President also presented award to a student who showed outstanding performance at the Year 5 Scholarship Examination. 

The Principal of the School Mr. W.G. Karunadasa presented a artistic creation of a teacher of the school, to the President.

The Maha Sangha of the area the Chief Sanganayaka  of the North Central Province Ven. Siriketa Sirisivali Thero, Polonnaruwa District Secretary Ranjith Ariyarathna , public officials, parents , teachers, past pupils and others participated in this event. 


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