President meets Sri Lankans living in Nepal

President meets Sri Lankans living in Nepal

A friendly meeting between the Sri Lankans living in Nepal and President Maithripala Sirisena, who was in Nepal to participate in the fourth BIMSTEC Summit, was held in Kathmandu today(2).

President Sirisena, who was warmly welcomed by the Sri Lankans engaged in a friendly conversation with them. They congratulated the leader for being honoured as the new Chairman of BIMSTEC and expressed gratitude to the President for the efforts taken to uplift the motherland in the international arena.

The Sri Lankan experts, professionals, university students and others living in the country were present at this event.

Meanwhile the President engaged in worshiping the first Theravadi Buddhist Temple of Kathmandu city Ananda Kuti Viharaya, where a brief ceremony was held to welcome the President.

President Sirisena meeting the chairmen of Nepal Bhikku Sangha Sabha Ven. Maithri Maha Thero obtained blessings, while the mahasangha chanted pirith and blessed the President.

The Ananda Kuti Buddhist Temple is the first Buddhist temple of Nepal where the first Nepal Sri Lanka ties were established through that temple in the year of 1931.

The temple was destroyed in an earthquake in 2015 is being reconstructed under the instructions of President Maithripala Sirisena, with the sponsorship of the Sri Lankan government, The construction commenced in the month of May 2016 where it is scheduled to complete the work by December this year.

The reconstructions are conducted by the Sri Lanka Army where it us estimated that at least Rs300 million will be spent on this. The supervision of those constructions will be conducted by the Ministry of Buddhasasana, Department of Archaeology, and the High Commission of Nepal for Sri Lanka.

President also engaged in supervising those constructions.

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