President opens new administration building of Thamankaduwa Divisional Secretariat

President opens new administration building of Thamankaduwa Divisional Secretariat

President Miathripala Sirisena opened the new administration building of Thamankaduwa Divisional Secretariat today (May 5) and bestowed it with the people. The Governments spent Rs 87 million to build this new administration building.

The three-storeyed building was and on the third floor comprise of a hall with sitting capacity for 350. The Field Officer Division and the Social Development Division are also located in this premises.

The electricity power for the building has been supplied by using the solar power system. This would save a monthly electricity bill of Rs 250,000.

On this occasion, the President donated disaster management equipments for Mineriya, Madirigiriya, Habarana and Hingurangoda police stations and the Divisional Secretariat Offices in Dimbulagala, Thamankaduwa, Walikanda, Lankapura, Hingurangoda, Madirigiriya and Alahara.

The President presented awards to the Dimbulagala Divisional Office that won the first place productivity.

Furthermore, the President handed over 47 land deeds and 65 land documents to people from the Polonnaruwa District. Today he symbolically presented 10 land documents.

President Sirisena handed over houses to the people affected by natural disasters. He symbolically presents 3 houses.

Furthermore, he presented 3 Tractor Browsers to from Alahara and Lankapura Divisional Secretariats.

Furthermore president handed over 3 Lorry Browsers for Madirigiriya, Thamankaduwa, and Walikanda Divisional Secretariats and one lorry for Polonaruwa District Secretariat, which was donated by the Chinese government.

President planted a tree sapling at the premises of the Thamankaduwa Divisional Secretariat to symbolize the visit.

Ministers Dumminda Disanayaka, Vajira Abewardhana and Ms Yang Xiuping of the Chinese Embassy, Thamankaduwa Divisional Secretary Nishanka Arachi and government officers were present on this occasion.

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