Maha Sanga commends the service of the President 

Maha Sanga commends the service of the President 

The  efforts by President Maithripala Sirisena to crack down the drug menace in order to make the society a better place, was appreciated by Maha Sanga led by Ven. Aluthgama Pannasara Thero.

Ven. Aluthgama Pannasara Thero further added that the President provided solutions to most of the problems while also preserving the Tripitaka.

Sadaham Yatra conducted in every Poya Day under the guidance of President Sirisena was organized for the 56th time on the 12th of November at the Bodhiya near President’s Office in Fort.

The President having engaged in religious practice in the morning listened to Dharma Deshana later.

Mrs. Jayanthi Sirisena, several Ministers as well as Secretary to the President Udaya R. Senevirathne along with several senior members of Presidential Secretariat participated in this along with number of Dhamma School Student. 

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