Dreams of those who try to come to power through political conspiracies will never come true – President

Dreams of those who try to come to power through political conspiracies will never come true – President

“Those who stole the people’s money, made unlawful profits from state property and committed fraud, corruption and crimes when they were in power, are trying to convince the people that they are coming to power again”, says President Maithripala Sirisena.

“Those attempts which are based on the ignoble political conspiracies will never become a reality. The current government has implemented the required program for the country for future”, he said.

The President was speaking at the ceremony to hand over the deeds of Ranaviru houses, under ‘Viru Sumithuru’ program of ‘Semata Sevana’ housing project.

The Viru Sumithuru program was implemented under the directive of the President and the guidance of the State Minister of Defence Ruwan Wijeywardena to build 3650 housing units to solve the housing problems of the families of the war heroes of Tri-forces, Police and Civil Security Force who sacrificed their lives in the humanitarian operation.

Deeds of hundred and ninety two houses (192) were presented to the families of war heroes at this occasion.

Speaking further, the President said country does not need any narrow political conspiracies but move forward as a country, building upon the victories achieved by war heroes through their sacrifices for the independence and the sovereignty of the country.

“When the current government is committed to build the national unity and reconciliation through permanent peace, some opportunist politicians are trying to spread disunity in the country”, he said. “All Sri Lankans should get together to defeat those conspiracies”, he added.

He said he regrets about some media institutions which try to manipulate people’s opinion. “Those media institutions are criticizing government that ended the era when the journalists were assassinated, made to disappear and set fire on media stations and stand for media freedom, and strengthen them”, he said.

“The current government performs to protect not only the freedom earned for the country by war heroes but also the war heroes themselves. The Government will be able to totally solve the housing problem of the war heroes under the Viru Sumithuru program”, he said.

The President presented house deeds for ten war heroes at this occasion.

Minister Sajith Premadasa, State Defence Minister Ruwan Wijeywardena, Deputy Minister Indika Bandaranayake, Commanders of Tri-forces, Inspector General of Police, director General of Civil Security Force and the Chairperson of the Ranaviru Seva Authority Anoma Fonseka were among those participated in this occasion.

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