National Think Tank praises President for strengthening Pirivena education

National Think Tank praises President for strengthening Pirivena education

The National Think Tank praised the mission carried out by President Maithripala Sirisena to strengthen and take forward the Pirivena education in the country.

This was expressed when the members of the National Think Tank met the President at the Presidential Secretariat today (Jan. 31). 

The Director of Pirivenas Professor Ven. Nambiriththankadawara Gnanarathana Thero offered his special thanks to the President for the programmes initiated under the President’s directive to improve the facilities through enhancing of Pirivena education.

During the discussions, the attention was focused on a sustainable development program based on temples. 

Furthermore, it was discussed regarding the preparatory works of the International Buddhist Conference, which is to be held to mark the International Vesak Festival.  

The attention has been drawn to develop and organize the syllabus of the Dhamma School education. The President pointed out the importance of strengthening the Dhamma education to build our future generation as a better disciplined society.  

Addressing the gathering, President Sirisena said that the Government will fulfill its duties to a maximum level for the advancement of the Sambuddha Sasana while building Sri Lanka as a Centre for the Theravada Buddhism.

During the ceremony a letter to donate gas cookers and regulators as well as gas cylinders by the Litro Gas Lanka Limited to facilitate dana for the Bhikkhus who are in Pirivens, was officially presented to the President. 

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