Those who deplore the drug eradication program are the people involved in drug trafficking – President  

A special program has been launched with the help of universities to save youth from illicit drugs

President Maithripala Sirisena said that the people involved in the drug trafficking are deploring the program of drug prevention.

Whatever the guise they use, it is clear that the people who try to ridicule the drug eradication programs are under the control of narcotics drug dealers. The President made these remarks at the Matara district convention of drug prevention program held at Sanath Jayasuriya Stadium in Matara today (30th).

Speaking on this occasion, the President said while continuing the programs that are being implemented to control and eradicate illicit drugs, new set of programs will also be launched within the next few months aiming at the school students and public servants to further strengthen the fight against drugs.

He added that the fight against drugs will be carried out win a war footing, similar to the war to defeat LTTE terrorism.

The President said that he is determined to carry out capital punishment for repeated drug offenders.

Pointing out that certain forces with an agenda carry out campaigns against the Theravada Buddhist Philosophy, the President said that the illicit drugs are also a part of a major coup of certain organized groups to destroy the country. Under these circumstances, it is essential to take stern decisions and it is the duty of everybody to join hands in the campaign to eradicate drugs, the President emphasized.

This 13th program in Matara is the district meetings of the “Mathin Nidahas Ratak “ conducted under the instructions of President Maithripala Sirisena and operated under the Presidential Task Force Drugs Prevention. A broad set of programs were held centering Matara district in the late October. Under that, all the districts (650) were covered and 650 rural programs were held at Grama Sevaka division level and the officers and the public were made aware of the program. An awareness program was conducted covering 51 schools of five regions in collaboration of the Navy and Air Force.

The conference was held to review the progress of these programs and to appreciate the individuals who contributed towards eradication of drugs. Presenting badges for the officers of the Drug Prevention in the schools of Matara district, presenting certificates of appreciation for active rural drug prevention committees, and for three school drug prevention committees was held under the patronage of the President.

Apart from that, a special program is conducted by the universities to eradicate drugs from the youths in universities. The President presented monetary aid to the drug prevention unit of University of Ruhuna. Professor Saman Chandana received the cheque from the President.

The Deputy Chief Adhikarana Sangha Nayaka of Dakshina Lanka and the Chief Incumbent of Matara Isipathanarama Ven.Thalahagama Gnanarathana Thero and Mahasangha and prelates of other religions, Minister Mangala Smaraweera, Deputy Minister Buddhika Pathirana, Chief Minister of Southern Province Shan Wjieylal De Silva, Member of Parliament Chandrasiri Gajadheera, provincial ministers Chandima Rasaputhra, Manoj Sirisena, and public representatives, Matara District Secretary, Pradeep Rathnayake and other government officers and Inspector General of Police Pujith Jayasndara and the members of security forces were present in the event.

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