Teacher can make a child a worthy man – President

Teacher can make a child a worthy man – President

School is the place where the child, given birth by mother is converted to a philosopher, scholar, intellectual, artist, politician and leader of the people, while teacher is the one who makes the child a true human, says President Maithripala Sirisena.

It is the teacher’s main responsibility to develop the student with knowledge, disciplines, skills and thoughts, he added. That is why the teacher is respected in society not merely as a professional but as a honored person due to the task performed by him for the betterment of the society, he further stated.

The President made these remarks at the Guru Prathibha Prabha – 2015 felicitation ceremony held today (Oct. 06) at the BMICH to mark the World Teachers’ Day. The ceremony was organized by the Ministry of Education.

The responsibility vested in teachers is not only limited to develop the skills and knowledge students need to succeed in their life. Teachers should take efforts to find a way to fill the hearts of the students with good human qualities, the President said. We must remember that innocent children become the victims in this society due to mistakes our society is making, he pointed out.

Every teacher must take the responsibility within the society too in a similar way that they take the duties in the classroom, President Sirisena said. It is a timely need to educate the children in the classroom as well how to face this cruel society, he said.

There is a need to implement a broad national program to educate the elders how to look after their children after school time and regarding the ways how to ensure their safety. The President further said that a comprehensive program will be implemented in the future in this regard through the Ministry of Education.

Principals, Teachers, Chief Incumbents of Privens, Piriven lectures and Sisters of Churches were felicitated at this event.


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