What will happen to our country if January 8 transformation had not occurred? President questions

What will happen to our country if January 8 transformation had not occurred? President questions

President Maithripala Sirisena questions those who criticize him and the government what would have been the situation of our country if the January 8 transformation had not taken place.

“Without experiencing that eventuality, some people criticize the actions taken by the government to face the critical economic crisis and the issues raised by the international community”, he said. He invited them to present possible solutions for these issues instead of criticizing.

The President was speaking at the launching ceremony of the book ‘Ma Dutu Janavari 8 (The January 8 witnessed by me), written by the Member of Parliament Malith Jayathilaka, held yesterday (Sep 13) at the Kingsbury Hotel, Colombo.

“It is the responsibility of those who gave a helping hand to that victory, to ensure that the country is benefitted by it,” he emphasized. He invited those who contributed as well as did not contribute to the January 8 victory to fulfill their responsibilities for the country today.

He pointed out that there are only few people among those wrote about the January 8 transformation, who gave the true and real vision. “I regret that the persons who write about social justice, freedom, democracy, corruption, fraud and injustice have not yet been able to write on the January 8 transformation as it was”, the President stated.

President Sirisena said that the very true and correct facts on January 8 transformation were still hidden. He commended the attempt taken by Mr. Malith Jayathilaka to report such facts without any fear.

The President says all those who know regarding the transformation that took place on January 08 have an understanding how complex and how far it has to be studied. Hence, it is necessary for them to talk openly about that pure transformation of January 8 and today it is very important to speak regarding that transformation by persons who involved to make that change, he said.

This book reveals the scientific analysis presented by Mr. Malith Jayathilaka before the last Presidential Election to show that former President Mahinda Rajapaksa could not win that election. It also gives the entire political process that was launched in search of a common candidate and how the then Health Minister Maithripala Sirisena was selected as the common candidate.

In addition, the book revealed regarding many incidents occurred during the common candidate election campaign and the post January 08 political events.

Ministers and MPs who represent the consensual government and many persons who actively supported the common candidate’s election campaign attended the book launching ceremony.

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