President vests Lake Crescent Residencies in Mandawila, Mulleriyaw the Middle Income housing project in the public

President vests Lake Crescent Residencies in Mandawila, Mulleriyaw the Middle Income housing project in the public

President Maithripala Sirisena says the present government has been able to make the programme of providing a safe house with all the basic facilities to every family in the country a reality due to the housing policy implemented with a clear national plan.

He made these remarks participating in the ceremony to vest the Lake Crescent Residencies in Mandawila, Mulleriyawa with the public, today (12).

This housing project comprises of 500 housing units and it was constructed under the Urban Regeneration Programme of the Urban Development Authority under the guidance of Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development.

Professionals, administrative officials, journalists, and technology officers who work in the private and public sectors in country’s main cities and semi-urban areas but are unable to afford reside in their work area are target groups of this project.  It is significant that bank loan facilities are also arranged to purchase these houses.

The five storey housing complex is located in the five acres of land and these houses are equipped with modern facilities including drinking water, electricity, wide roads and water purification centers.

One house composed of 44 square meters is composed of two bedrooms, visiting room, a bath room composed of sanitary facilities, a kitchen and a balcony.

President who offered the housing complex for the usage of the children unveiling the commemoration plaque participated in opening one house symbolizing the event.

After that he engaged in an observational visit within the housing complex.

President Sirisena who addressed the occasion held afterwards, due to a weakness in the policy of constructing buildings and using the freedom unnecessarily a lot of issues erupted regarding lands.

President Sirisena pointed out that, for the increasing population  the lands will not expand comparatively, and the amount of lands needed for national food production and agriculture as well as securing the forest density while constructing buildings and houses  importance is there to implement a proper policy.

Thus President further stated that  due to conducting plans within a clear state policy the government has obtained major victories within the past three and a half years. President Sirisena who said that issues which weren’t having proper  solutions until now  were answered and the international attention lost with the Meethotamulla garbage mountain in Kolonnawa Meethothamullla was won while achieving other victories.

Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka, Colombo District Member of Parliament  S.M.Marikkar, Chairmen of Kolonnawa divisional secretariat Prassanna Solangaarachchi,  and others were present in this occasion.      


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