A virtuous society can be built only through close connection between the village and the temple – President.

A virtuous society can be built only through close connection between the village and the temple – President.

President Maithripala Sirisena says that the challenge related to misconduct and build a virtuous society can only be achieved through securing a close connection between the village and the temple.

President Sirisena made these remarks at the religious  event held to present the title scroll to  Shastravedi Ven. Gallalle Ariyawansa Nayaka Thero who was presented a title of the Adhikaranana Sanghanayake (Sangha disciplinary Chief) of the North Central province at the Polonnaruwa Buddhi Manadapa today (3).

President further stated that within the past few years a massive contribution was made for the development of the materialistic aspects as well as the spirituality of the people.

President mentioned that many rural temples were reconstructed and renovated and a renaissance of Buddhism has taken place and that it is a victory obtained by the Buddhist  people of this country.

Dharama shastriya panditha, Shastravedi Ven.Galallelle Ariyawansa Nayaka Thero, Chief Incumbent of Polonnaruwa Athumalpitiya   Lakshauyana Sri Sakyasinharamaya, Sewagama Sri Gautama Bodhirukkaramaya, Aththanakadawala Sri Parakramaramaya, Hathamuna Sri Gangaramaya vihara, chief incumbent of Siri Wijeybha Maha Pirivena, Lekhkadikari of Siri Kassapa Sangha Sabha of Polonnaruwa and Karaka sangha sabhika of Sahasana Jothika Karaka of Udarata Amarapura Nikaya, is contriubuting immensely towards the progress of the Buddhist order and towards the development of north central province. The Thero was appreciated for the great services rendered and the title of Dharma Sahstriya Panditha of Sahasana Jothika Karaka Sangha Sabha was presented by the Amarapura Maha Nikaya and the title of chief of monastery of north central province was presented likewise.

The President highly appreciated the services rendered by the Thero towards the development of Buddhist order and the renaissance of the Polonnaruwa Buddhist discipline.

The President presented the Vijini patha to the newly titled Sanghanayake.

Chief incumbent of  Udarata Amarapura Nikaya  Shasatrapathi Ven.Nuwaraeliye Chandrajyothi Nayaka Thero,Anunayaka of Asgiri Chapter Polonnaruwa Solosmasthanadipathi Ven.Vedaruwe Upali Nayaka Thero and Mahasangha, Governor of Wayamba province  Peshala Jayarathna, Member of Parliament Nalaka Kollonne, former minister Nalaka Gamlath, mayor of Polonnaruwa Chanaka Sidath Ranasighe and others were present in this event.

Meanwhile the President engaged in observing the arts exhibition organized by the junior society of Art to Art society of Polonnaruwa museum premises. President appreciated the talents of the young artists who organized the exhibition.

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