President instructs state officials to take forward their duties without leaving any room to weaken the functions of the state sector

President Maithripala Sirisena has given instructions to the heads of the government institutions to deliver public services in a more comprehensive and efficient manner without allowing room to deteriorate those services as well as to do the activities of the government sector with proper planning and targets.

The President gave these instructions during a meeting held with the  Heads of the Government Institutions including the Ministry Secretaries, District Secretaries and Chief Secretaries at the Presidential Secretariat, today (17).

President Sirisena said that the political situation in the country would be resolved in the near future and further said that it is the duty of the state officials to take forward the functions of the state service in a strong manner.

The President also expressed his confidence that all state officials will continue to fulfill their respective duties impartially and justly, and expressed his pleasure over not receiving any complaint against any state official in this regard.

The Ministry Secretaries apprised the President regarding the problems faced by them in carrying forward the activities of respective ministries and the President paying his attention for those issues instructed the officials to fulfill their duties without any hindrance according to the special guidance given during this meeting.

The President stressed the necessity of maintaining essential services including ports, electricity, petroleum, healthcare and food without any hindrance and it was pointed out to the officials that if not proper decisions had been taken earlier those decisions has to be taken today, as a country we will have to face many difficulties during the  next 03,04 months.

During this meeting, the President requested the state officials to continuously take forward the prominent development programmes of the government including the Grama Shakthi People’s Movement which were implemented for the welfare of the public. He further said that he has given instructions to the   Governors to monitor those activities.

At present , the country is receiving adequate rainfall and said the state officials to commit themselves to achieve success the National Food Production programme including the other agricultural programmes, taking this rainfall as a blessing which ended a four year prolonged drought.

During this meeting the progress of the development activities in district levels as well as the financial progress of the Ministries were reviewed and the President said that further discussions will be held with regard to some of the issues that have arisen and will issue necessary instructions to the Secretaries of the Ministries.




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