President declared open newly developed Grama Shakthi village in Palugaswewa

President declared open newly developed Grama Shakthi village in Palugaswewa

Comprehensive national program on illegal drug abuse was launched to alleviate the poverty of the rural masses – President

The Asirigama Village at Palugaswewa in Anuradhapura, which was developed under the guidance of President Maithripala Sirisena under the Grama Shakthi People’s Movement, was vested with the public today (09) morning.

On December 21, 2018, the President visited the village of Asirigama, Palugaswewa, where the people were confronted with many problems regarding their difficult lives.

As per the pledge given to the people, Asirigama was actively developed as a member village of the Grama Shakthi People’s Movement launched by the President with the assistance of the Army to eradicate poverty.

Constructing a Buddhist temple including the construction of new school buildings, two pre-schools, and the construction of a Seva Piyasa building and the development of the road network completed under this program. Steps were also taken to improve the sanitation facilities were some of the major problem of the people in the area. The President commenced the construction of 43 houses to meet the housing requirements of the people of Asirigama.

The people of the area expressed their gratitude to the President for listening to their grievances and taking action to fulfill them.

Addressing the gathering, the President stated that drugs are one of the main reasons for the increase in poverty in the rural areas. He said that this is why the government launched a comprehensive program against illegal drugs and said that a village free from drugs should be built for a better country in the future.

The President symbolically declared open two new houses to mark the vesting of new houses. The President handed over keys to the other recipients at this ceremony.

Governor of North Central Province Sarath Ekanayake and several others were present at the occasion.

Meanwhile, the President also handed over the newly built Auditorium of “P.B. Abeykoon” auditorium in Kekirawa Central College for the betterment of the children.

The auditorium has been built with all facilities at a cost of Rs. 450 lakhs. It is named ‘P.B. Abeykoon’.

Principle I. M. Dayarathne Bandara, the staff, parents, old students and several others were also present on this occasion.

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