‘Livestock Day’ of Food Production Battle Week celebrated

The ‘Livestock Day’ of the National Food Production Battle Week was celebrated today (Oct. 08) at the Plant Genetic Resources Centre in Peradeniya, with participation of the Minister of Rural Economic Affairs P. Harrison.

The Livestock Day has been organized with the objective of empowering local dairy farmers.

Accordingly, livestock exhibition has been organized to educate dairy farmers on the modern knowledge of the livestock sector. The dairy farmers had the opportunity to buy equipments at special discounted rates from the exhibition cells of state and private sector. 

During this event, financial aid distributed among 320 beneficiary farmers under the projects of improvements to cattle sheds, developments of breeding farms and small-scale farms as well as promotion of dairy farming.

In addition, 80 farmers were granted Rs. 60,000 each to develop the dairy farming and Rs.100, 000 each given to 10 farmers to promote the produce of  silage to protect cow food. Social security benefits also distributed among members of the Milco dairy farmers societies.

Accordingly, under the Livestock Day programme over Rs. 79 million were distributed among local dairy farmers to promote the milk production.

Provincial Council Members including the Chief Minister of the Central Province Sarath Ekanayake, officials of the Ministry of Rural Economic Affairs and affiliated institutions were among those who participated in the Livestock Day of the National Food Production Battle. 

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