ADB funds properly invested under current SL government – ADB

ADB funds properly invested under current SL government – ADB

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) says it is ready to continuously assist Sri Lanka for its development activities.

“That is because we see the funds provided by the ADB to Sri Lanka are being properly utilized under the current government”, stated a group of representatives of the ADB, headed by its Vice President Wencai Zhang, met President Maithripala Sirisena today (July 8) at the Official Residence of the President.

Speaking at the meeting the President said the funds, received for building the country will be correctly invested during his regime, without any fraud and corruption. “The instruction has been given to relevant sections to complete the projects commenced with those funds, in time with quality standard”, he said.

The President further stated that the priority will be given for providing of drinking water, enhance of infrastructure facilities and the development of education and agriculture. He added that his aim is to provide similar opportunities for development for all areas in the country.

“The government is paying a prior attention for the development of areas in North where they lost their rights of development during the war prevailed for more than 26 years.

The ADB has been continuing relationships with Sri Lanka over 50 years. It has provided 7.9 billion USD for the development of Sri Lanka.

The group of the representatives included Huiping Huang, Sri Wodowati, Tada Tery and Hayashi Shr.

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