Presidential Task Force on Disaster Management Meets

Presidential Task Force on Disaster Management Meets

President Maithripala Sirisena headed the meeting of the Presidential Task Force to manage recovery from the recent natural disaster outbreak and to normalize the livelihood living hood of the victims of the disaster, yesterday (May 23) at the Presidential Secretariat.

The meeting was attended by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, other relevant line ministers, Secretary to the President and the Secretaries to the line Ministries, Commanders of Tri-Forces and senior security officers.

The President directed the officials to provide as much as relief required to the victims. President assured that enough financial resources will be allocated to ensure delivery of maximum welfare services as required.

It was decided to offer Rs. 10, 000 as a quick assistance per disaster-damaged household.

The discussion also focused on the actions that should be taken to return to normal life, as the floods recede. The Task Force also paid its attention to the healthcare and the resettlement of the victims and discussed about a long term program which prevents those victims facing such a situation in the future.

The Task Force decided to declare the areas of landslide as high security zones. The President instructed officials to be attentive to the management of the high-risk lands and not to allow any unauthorized dwellings.

President Sirisena also instructed the officials to stopland reclamation in the Western Province with immediate effect.

The President instructed the officials to put in place an appropriate mechanism to acquire lands for the resettlement of families displaced by the disaster. He also gave instructions to implement a special programme for the education of children affected by the disaster.

The President advised the officials of the National Building Research Organization to verify that houses damaged by flood waters are now in suitable conditions for the flood victims to resettle. He also instructed the officials to implement a special programme to clean the affected areas.

It was mentioned at the meeting that the United Nations has agreed to provide technical assistance to clean the area affected by the disaster.
During the meeting Disaster Management Minister Anura PriyadarshanaYapa outlined in details the relief programme launched by the government.
He said that five countries, including Japan, India, Turkey, The Maldives, and Pakistan have agreed to provide assistance to the people affected by the disaster while many other countries have agreed to help with the welfare of the people.

At the moment, clothes, kitchen utensils, electrical equipment and health facilities are in need for the people affected by the disaster.

The President took this opportunity to thank all the people who assisted for those who affected by the disaster, MPs and Ministers, the UN, all other world organizations and countries as well as for the media institutions.

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