President’s Message on World Consumer Rights Day 2017

The Consumers International has focused on the concept of “Consumer Rights in Digital Era” for the World Consumer Rights Day 2017. I am glad that this concept has been drawn prime attention because of its importance.

In many developed countries, the consumers have been provided with the facility to approach the goods and services through digital technology. Even though Sri Lanka is a middle income country, the wide utilization of digital technology enable our consumers to have a similar approach to the goods and services.

At present, the use of digital technologies has been applied to various sectors at a rapid pace. Today, the consumers have the facility to select goods and services in various spheres such as information technology, banking, agriculture, medicine, engineering and business, in a healthy competition at ease and in accordance with accepted consumer rights.

Even though the services were provided in an easy manner through digital technology, the consumers have to face many problems and challenges.

All the steps will be taken to implement required rules and regulations to protect the consumers in this digital era, and the laws will be enforced against those institutions that violate these rules and regulations.

On this World Consumer Rights Day, the aim of all of us should be to build a secure consumer by logical thinking and proper understanding of the consumer needs. I wish to extend my best wishes to the Consumer Affairs Authority for its endevours in this regard.  


Maithripala Sirisena                                                                                                                                                                         March 15, 2017

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