I will build the national & religious reconciliation protecting peace & freedom achieved by war heroes – President

063President Maithripala Sirisena says he would build the national and religious reconciliation that was the wish of the war heroes, protecting the peace and freedom achieved by them.

He also pointed out that to take forward Sri Lanka as a peaceful country; everybody should build up the peace and brotherhood, removing the mistrust among the communities. He emphasized that the current government is fully committed to do so.

The President made these remarks at a ceremony held today (July 30) at Defence Service College in Colombo to present scholarships to the students who passed scholarship exam in 2014.

President Sirisena was warmly welcomed by the students of the college and scouts and girl guides of the Defense College accorded a Guard of Honor to the President.

The President also stated the responsibilities towards the families of the war heroes who were victimized during the conflict, will be fulfilled as a government.

Valiant war heroes sacrificed their lives for the entire motherland. Therefore, everybody has a responsibility to build the future of their children by looking after them.

Defense Secretary B. M. U. D. Basnayake, Security Head of Staff and Heads of Tri-Forces were also present at this occasion.

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