Naidu encouraged by Lanka’s progress

Naidu encouraged by Lanka’s progress

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu said yesterday at a meeting with the Sri Lankan media at the Taj Samudra Hotel that he is encouraged by the progress Sri Lanka is making and that he hopes to continue working with the government to promote development and alleviate poverty.

“There is a big future for this country, and I strongly believe that. Even now Sri Lanka is doing well, and there are a lot of opportunities for this country,” he said. The Chief Minister was invited by President Maithripala Sirisena in order to discuss various poverty relief efforts and technological projects between Andhra Pradesh and Sri Lanka. Naidu shared his vision that spreading technology can drastically improve the lives of the poor.

“All over the world, poverty is the biggest problem that we have to eradicate. Innovation, technology, and the internet of things are a deadly combination today that can be used to help people lead better lives,” he said.

Naidu mentioned that the Sri Lankan government had requested his state government’s expertise in replacing traditional light bulbs with LED bulbs, a move that he said could save 40% of the energy used to power the street light system. He also mentioned plans to share groundwater-monitoring technology with Sri Lanka so that the government could determine groundwater levels and quality. Chief Minister Naidu also mentioned that Brandix has plans to invest around $1 billion in Andhra Pradesh, while his government will work with that of Sri Lanka to improve infrastructure both in Andhra Pradesh and Sri Lanka.

Naidu was extremely enthusiastic about Sri Lanka’s recent progress, noting that he was impressed by President Sirisena’s efforts to strengthen parliament and the rule of law while also working to create a national identity that transcends race, ethnicity, and religion.

“I’m totally convinced Sri Lanka is a wonderful place that is moving in the right direction. In the future, we would like to work with the Sri Lankan government on various issues. We are all neighbors. In the future we can make better connectivity,” he said. It is increased cooperation that, in his view would help to eradicate poverty, provide a basic minimum wage, improvetechnology skills, and allow each and every citizen to be happy and prosperous.

(courtesy: Daily News)

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