President assures non- interfere with media freedom, highlights the responsibility of the media

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa assured that the media freedom will not be hindered in any form during his tenure.

Opportunity is available for any reasonable criticism, President said adding that he expects every media institute to fulfill its obligation towards the country while engaging in favourable media reporting to uphold the country’s reputation.

President made these observations during a meeting with heads of media institutions held at the Presidential Secretariat this afternoon (12).

“People of this country elected me to the office of the President with great expectations. Enhancing the efficiency of politicians and public officials, elimination of corruption and the economic development are some of the priorities among them. As such I expect the fullest support and cooperation of media towards achieving these objectives”, President said.

A positive image of the country is imperative in attracting investments and building economic cooperation at the international level. The media has a wider responsibility in building a good image about the country, President said. He appreciated how media reacted and reported about the incident related to the Swiss Embassy employee.

President expressed his regret over the attempts by international media channels to give undue publicity to this incident and pointed out that media in this country have the ability to counter such false propaganda.

President enlightening the media heads on the city beautification projects and wall painting project currently underway throughout the country said these new developments are not a result of anyone’s request but an artistic trend originated among the youth who love their country.

President also emphasized the importance of media to encourage them.

The discussion was held with the participation of both print and electronic media heads.

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