President offers first pooja for renovated Abhayagiriya Stupa

President offers first pooja for renovated Abhayagiriya Stupa

The first pooja forrenovated Abhayagiriya Stupa was offered today (July 31) by President Maithripala Sirisena.

After declaring open the stupa for devoteesby the President, the Abhayagiri historic sacred area is again opened for the worship of the Buddhists of world.

The conservation work of the stupa which is 345 feet high and 1355 round was commenced by the Central Cultural Fund in 1997.

It was after 800 years the conservation work done on the stupa. The cost for that is about Rs.519 million. Both local and international devotees as well as international organizations provided funds and laborfor the conservation.

President Sirisena inspected the temple premises after the first Pooja he made for the stupa.

“While the developed countries speak about their scientific and technological developments, we have a proud heritage going back to centuries. Based on this heritage we should build the sound future for our future generation” the President said.

Chief Incumbent of AtamasthanaMost Ven. PallegamaSirinivasaThero, Chief Incumbent of Abhayagiri Temple Ven. KallanchiyeRatanasiriThero, Ministers KaruJayasuriya, NandimitrhaEkanayake, DumindaDissanayake, North Cerntal Province Chief Minister PeshalaJayarathne, Director General of Archaeology. Dr. SenarathDissanayake, Director General of Central Cultural Fund Prof. PrishanthaGunawardena, FomerDiretor General ofArchaeology Dr. Roland Silva were among those participated in this event.

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