President to hold discussions on National Sustainable Discourse with university dons

President to hold discussions on National Sustainable Discourse with university dons

At present a series of discussions are being held centering universities to receive the feedback of the intellectuals after the launch of the National Sustainability Discourse. This discussion with university academics comprises of two rounds and the second round is scheduled to hold under the patronage of President Maithripala Sirisena in the near future.

Discussions were already held at the University of Colombo, University of Sabaragamuwa and the Open University and during these meetings it was discussed regarding the challenges faced by Sri Lanka as a middle income country in formulating sustainable development policies in the fields of education, transport, agriculture and industrialization.

Through the National Sustainability Discourse it is expected to create broad dialogue in all the fields, including the public, politicians and intellectuals as to how the future Sri Lanka’s sustainable vision should be. These meetings will be held with the participation of Vice Chancellors of universities and the Presidential Expert Committee Chairman Prof. Mohan Munasinghe and other members.

Steps have been taken to hold a series of meetings at Ministry level regarding the ‘Sustainable Sri Lanka Vision’ from next week.

According to the statement made by the President at the UN in 2015, currently he is giving leadership to Sri Lanka to achieve the objectives of the sustainable development goals. 

The National Sustainability Discourse is operative in an efficient manner to obtain the ideas of all. This will implement in every province of the country. Through this process the public will get an opportunity to identify the issues which are revealed and to directly engage in the dialogue.

The main objective of this programme is to prepare a plan to determine the long-term economic, social and environmental goals of the country over the next 12 years while displaying the capabilities of Sri Lanka. It is targeted to attract the engagement of young people, academics and professionals in this discourse. The report will be updated according to the feedback of the parties.

This would be the first effort to announce the capabilities and ideologies of Sri Lanka and to make plans to confirm the economical, societal and environmental motives vision for the next 12 years where the President has identified the importance of forwarding a national debate based on this draft.

The national sustainable debate, which is a discussion held for 3 months on the content of the first draft of national sustainable vision for the year of 2030 was launched by President Sirisena. According to this debate the draft will be amended incorporating the contributions of the public to create a national vision to blueprint the Sustainable development policies until 2030.

Sri Lanka is expecting to become a middle income country with a prosperous, competitive and developed economy, comfortable environment with fauna and flora, and a peaceful society with just. Thus it is expected through this sustainable vision to identify the issues within most sectors and provide solutions and to reveal path ways towards development as a country.

Even though the governments which come to power conduct development programs they are not launched in accordance with a comprehensive national development plan. Although every government has made such development plans this is the first draft composed deprived of criticism, political favour, and with the contribution of a committee renowned within their own fields.




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