President visits Welioya

welioyaThe President made a surprise visit to the area without prior information or without an invitation from anyone and met the farmers in the area. He held discussions with the farmers  about their problems and requirements.

Special attention of the President was drawn to the matter relating to the drinking water problem of the Welioya area and the President asked them to provide suggestions for solving this issue.

Taking into consideration of their proposals the President said that the Government will implement a sustainable program to solve the drinking water problem of the area.

Education and health issues pertaining to the area too were presented to the President. They include the matters relating to the shortage of teachers in the schools of the area and the unemployment problem of the youth in the area.

The special attention of the President has been drawn to the severe hardships faced by the people in the area due to chronic kidney disease and he said that the people in the Welioya area also will be benefited through the national programme, which is being implemented by the Government to save people from kidney disease.

The farmers apprised the President regarding the difficulties faced by them when selling their harvest.

Here, issues relating to the resettlement of the people in the area were also discussed and the President said that he will appoint separate officers to resolve each problem and to provide speedy relief to the people.

Farmers in various villages rushed to Welioya area when they got to know that the President has arrived there and the President also engaged in a very cordial and friendly discussion with them.

A group of officials including Mr. Nihal Rupasinghe, the Secretary, Ministry of Mahaweli Development were also present at the event.


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