Pulathisi Maha Sanga bless President

Pulathisi Maha Sanga bless President

A felicitation ceremony ‘Yathiwara Harasara Pranama Pooja’ organized by the Pulathisi Maha Thera Sansadaya to bless to President Maithripala Sirisena was held today (Jan. 12) in Jayanthi Maha Viharaya, Kaduruwela. This has been organized to mark the one year completion of the presidency of President Sirisena.

The Maha Sanga stated that their blessings are always with the program carried out by the President to build Sri Lanka as a country of exemplary and good people are living in the world.

The Maha Sanga pointed out that the development which is achieved without the spiritual development of the people will not be conducive for the betterment of the country. They stated that they bless the President who is dedicated to make the people’s dream for a humane, righteous and progressive society.

The President expressing his views said that his government is committed to building a just and equal society, according to all the religious philosophies including the Buddhism.

The President further said that he will build a country where all the people could live together with the bond of brotherhood, without hatred towards others.

Scholarships were presented to the children of low income families of the district.  Metal lamps also presented for the temples in the district.

The Mahasangha including Ven. Pahamune Sri Sumangala Nayake Thero, Ven. Wedaruwe Upali Nayake Thero, Ven. Egodamulle Amaramoli Nayake Thero, Ven. Dhammapala Anunayaka Thero, State Minister- Wasantha Senanayake, Chief Minister North Central Province- Peshala Jayarathna and others participated in this event.

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