The first package of PMB rice presented to the President

The first package of PMB rice presented to the President

The Paddy Marketing board has officially started introducing the rice made  under PMB brand to the market presenting the first packet of rice to President Maithripala Sirisena at President’s office today(29).

The Paddy Marketing Board buys paddy for a certified price in order to ensure a good price to the farmers. The purchasing is handled by 220  PMD stores in 19 districts. The Program was conducted under the guidance of  Minister of agriculture, Mahinda Amaraweera under the instructions of the President to purchase rice with high quality and distribute to the public.

This is the first time where the Paddy Marketing Board entered the rice market. This rice branded as ”100% local” is made as a step taken to control the prices of the market and to provide best paddy for a minimum cost for the public and to give a reasonable price for the paddy to the farmer community.

The institutes and the welfare societies running under the Ministry of Agriculture will be marketing the PMB rice to the public and it is expected to release the rice for a reasonable price for the customer as well as the market.

Minister of Agriculture Mahinda Amaraweera, and officers of Agriculture sector and the Paddy Marketing Board were present in this event.

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