The doors of Moraghakanda Reservoir were opened today

The doors of Moraghakanda Reservoir were opened today

The Morgahakanda reservoir of Moragahakanda- Kalugaga project which is the largest muti- purpose development project built for after four decades in Sri Lanka has reached its level of overflow and the sluice gates of the reservoir were opened today.

President Maithripala Sirisena participated in the event and engaged in an observational visit in the reservoir project premises.

The Morgahakanda project was a long term dream of the President and the people of Raja Rata and a project driven under the Mahaweli Development Program. The project was conducted with much drive since 2015 under the guidance of the President and this is the only reservoir in the Island which has a concrete dam, a soil dam and three dams filled with black stones.

The total volume of water in the Moragahakanda reservoir of the Moragahakanda reservoir project which is considered the miracle of reservoirs in the 21st century,   is 4,60,000 in feet acres. It is four times in capacity compared to Parakarma reservoir where 82,000 acres of paddy fields are to be harvested by it. The reservoir supplies water for about 2000 larger and smaller canals of the North Central, North Eastern and Eastern provinces and provides water for 1600 reservoirs and 303 reservoirs of the North Eastern provinces. Thus harvesting 3 lacks of acres in those provinces, 15 families will be benefitted and 3 lacks of families will be supplied clean drinking water.

Electricity is generated by the Moragahaknda reservoir while those three power houses of the reservoir generate 25 Mega Watts of electricity to the national electricity system annually. The cost of the gas that is being saved annually is Rs.336 million in amount. The expected volume of the production of fisheries of the reservoir is 3000 tons annually. The Morahagakanda- Kalugaga project which provides direct economical value to over thousand families residing in the provinces indeed benefits the whole nation.

The Golden flow of water of the Moragahakanda reservoir took place on 8th of January and this is the first time where the doors of the reservoir being opened   due to the overflow of the reservoir within a short span of time.

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