‘We must commit ourselves to preserve the nation’s heritage for future generations’ – President

President Maithripala Sirisena said that we  must commit ourselves to  preserve the nation’s heritage for future generations,  in the same way so that they too can talk about their heritage proudly as we do today.

The President added  that adding we should teach our children to conquer the modern  world while preserving our culture and  our identity.

He made these remarks participating at the annual prize giving ceremony of Ananda College, Colombo today (26).

The President was warmly welcome by the students at the event while the scouts of the Ananda College accorded a Guard of Honour.

He further said that the attention of the government has been drawn to implement programs to protect children at school and in the socially.

President Sririsena further said that he will build a country where children will be able to live freely without being victims of this indisciplined society.

The President also awarded prizes to the students for their achievements.

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