‘Will not allow to take any action which would endanger the constitution or independence of the country’- President emphasized

‘Will not allow to take any action which would endanger the constitution or  independence of the country’- President emphasized

President Maithripala Sirisena emphasized that he will not willing to do any act which would contrary to the constitution of the country or which will endanger the sovereignty of the country.

The President made these remarks participating in a ceremony held in Meegahatenna, Kalutara, today (27).

During this event, President Sirisena said that the statement made by the UNHR Commissioner that a Commission should be appointed and the lands of the North and East utilized by the security forces were not released to its original owners, was announced based on the wrong information submitted by NGOs and further said that there is no necessity to appoint such Commission.

The President also said that even though the Government admitted the correct facts of the statements issued by the UNHRC, in any way the Government is not willing to accept the erroneous facts of those statements.

Meanwhile, the President said that he will not any way accept the agreement signed by the Sri Lankan Ambassador in Geneva with the HRC on last February 25th , as we will implement the policy to accept the co-sponsor a resolution according to the report released by the UNHRC.

President Sirisena further said that it was signed without the knowledge of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or its Secretary, the President also said that he will extend his fullest discontentment regarding that incident which was occurred due to the wrongful decisions of our own parties. The President said that he will see this incident as a betrayal towards our tri-forces, the government as well as the public and the responsibility regarding the foreign policy of the country, international relations and international affairs lies on the President and not on the other officials below that position.

The President said that the representatives that are scheduled to send Geneva Ssstionsa were named without holding any discussion with him and after the February 25th incident, he took steps to change those representatives and he gave guidance as how to make the speech before the Commission which is suitable for the country.

President Sirisena further said that the colonial conspiracies which were faced by our country in the past, even today appeared before the country by means of different approaches. The President also emphasized that even though we should have healthy relations with foreign countries, those relations should not interfere with the politics of the country and the state governance. He also said that will not allow room for any foreign force to rule this country either today,or in the future.

This ceremony was organized to declare open the new Police unit of the Meegahatenna, Kalutara.

People’s representatives, including Mahinda Samarasinghe, Mahinda Amaraweera, Palitha Tewarapperuma, Gamini Tilakasiri, Ranjith Somawansa, the Kalutara District Secretary, public servants, IGP Pujitha Jayasundara and others participated on this occasion.

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