Announcement on curfew

Announcement on curfew

The Government insists that the public must strictly adhere to the curfew now in force island-wide.

Curfew has been imposed with the sole purpose of to preventing the spread of COVID – 19 which has now become a major health issues.

The Task Force entrusted with the management of the essential food and other items distribution has taken all the necessary measures to ensure continued door to door supply of essential items for the people to purchase.

While the curfew is in force no one should be on the roads at their freewill. Only the delivery vehicles permitted by the Task Force are allowed to ply. No other vehicle will be allowed on public roads without a valid curfew pass

Traveling to and from between any district is entirely prohibited. Transporting foreign tourists from place to place is also banned. Paddy farming and plantation including work on tea small holdings and fishing activities are permitted in any district. Airports and Ports will continue their regular operations.

Police and the Tri-Force should strictly implement curfew regulations.

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