India grants USD 400 million credit line to Sri Lanka

India grants USD 400 million credit line to Sri Lanka

Additional USD 50 million to combat terrorism

Agreed to release all Indian fishing boats detained in Sri Lanka

Indian PM pledges fullest support to make ”Saubhagyaye Dekma” policy framework of the new President, a reality

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi describing Sri Lanka’s new President, a leader with a meaningful vision said his government would extend its fullest cooperation to transform that vision into a reality.

Accordingly, the Government of India will soon provide USD 400 million credit line to Sri Lanka, Prime Minister Modi said.

In addition, a further USD 50 million credit line will be made available to combat terrorism, the Prime Minister added.

The Indian Prime Minister said this during bilateral talks between the two leaders held at Hyderabad House today (29).

“Accepting the invitation and arriving in India marking the first overseas visit will be considered as an honor bestowed on my country by the neighbouring nation”, the Indian Premier said. He offered congratulations on behalf of entire India on the great victory of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa.   

The two leaders exchanged views on strengthening the long standing cooperation in economic, political and social spheres.

The leaders also discussed at length and agreed that national security of both countries is of  paramount importance to them. 

They focused on close economic cooperation and enhancing bilateral trade.

Long standing fishermen issues between the two countries were also highlighted during the talks. President Rajapaksa said he would release all Indian fishing boats remaining under Sri Lanka’s custody.

Prime Minister Modi said he hoped that Sri Lanka would pursue the process of reconciliation and also focus on developing all provinces including the North and the East.

President Rajapaksa thanked the Indian leader for inviting him to undertake a State visit to India and extended an invitation to the Prime Minister to visit Sri Lanka at his earliest.

President Rajapaksa affirmed his desire to maintain a close economic cooperation with India.

Following bilateral talks, the two leaders addressed the media.

President Rajapaksa participated in the luncheon hosted by the Indian Prime Minister in his honur at the  Hyderabad House and signed the Special Visitors’ book.

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