Uru Warige Wannila Aththo expresses views to Presidential Task Force for “One Country, One Law”

Uru Warige Wannila Aththo expresses views to Presidential Task Force for “One Country, One Law”

Vedda Community Leader Uru Warige Wannila Aththo expressed his views to the Presidential Task Force for “One Country, One Law”.

The Presidential Task Force for “One Country, One Law” is currently conducting public consultation in the Uva Province.

The members of the indigenous Vedda community were consulted at the Mahiyanganaya Indigenous Village on the 6th and Uru Warige Wannila Aththo presented proposals and views on behalf of his community.

Wannila Aththo said he believed that the President had the strength to establish “one country, one law” concept and extended wishes to the President in overcoming any obstacle when implementing the concept.

The programme was launched on January 8 at the Badulla District Secretariat.

Meanwhile, speaking to the Task Force, Ms. Hasheena said she got married according to Islamic laws and the Badulla Quazi had unjustly announced her divorce from the husband without any notice.

She added that the implementation of the “One Country, One Law” programme was important because there was no one to talk to about the injustice caused to Islamic women and that there’s no one to pay attention to them.

Representatives of several generations who took the lead in the Uva Wellassa freedom struggle and were deprived of land rights by the British rulers commented that the country’s land law was still not being fairly enforced. Although their families took the initiative to save the country from foreign invasions and consequently lost property and lives, they said that no justice had been done so far even after the Independence.

The rights of people living all over the country are not enjoyed by the Tamil people in the plantation sector and all stakeholders should pay attention to this. Representatives of several plantation sector organisations informed the Task Force that the land issue was also a major issue faced by the people in the plantation sector.

Chairman of the Presidential Task Force, Rajakiya Panditha Ven. Galagodaaththe Gnanasara Thera, members of the Task Force Prof. Shanthi Nandana Wijesinghe, Senior Lecturer Sumedha Weerawardena, Attorney at Law Sanjaya Marambe, Eranda Nawarathne, Pani Wewala and the Secretary to the Task Force, Senior Assistant Secretary to the President, Ms. Jeevanthie Senanayake were also present.

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