Condolence Message

The demise of renowned media personality Kalakeerthi Dr. Edwin Ariyadasa, who made a massive contribution to the development of moral journalism, in addition to the advancement of a number of spheres of arts and humanities as a pioneer is deeply saddening. It is with immense admiration I recall his services to nurture the public with the wide-ranging knowledge he possessed in diverse fields.
Most, recognized Dr. Edwin Ariyadasa as a soaring tower in journalism. He began his media lif e in the Lake House and as a member of the editorial, he contributed greatly to promote a number of national newspapers. He was fluent in both Sinhala and English languages and, always was keen and enthusiastic in generously sharing what he learned in English with his Sinhala readers and listeners alike. Dr. Ariyadasa was often called the “Walking Encyclopedia” due to the vast knowledge he possessed.
Dr. Edwin Ariyadasa’s fascinating writing style and ability to explain complex subjects in simple and common language attracted tens of thousands of print and electronic media subscribers towards him. He was also well known as a writer and commentator who kept up with the current world economic, political and social affairs and other developments. His contribution to the establishment and development of Journalism in the local university curriculum is highly commendable.
Dr. Ariyadasa has added a plethora of terminology to the glossary of Journalism as a refined linguist. In addition, he was actively involved in introducing a variety of programs with the advent of television in the eighties. Dr. Edwin Ariyadasa was reputed as a science writer, film critic, and environmentalist. He has received numerous local and international awards and accolades, including ‘Kalakeerthi’, in appreciation of his exceptional skills in a number of disciplines.
Demise of Kalakeerthi Dr. Edwin Ariyadasa will leave a void, difficult to be filled in our society. May Dr. Edwin Ariyadasa attain supreme bliss of Nibbana.

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