Luxembourg FM in Sri Lanka to strengthen bilateral relations

Luxembourg FM in Sri Lanka to strengthen bilateral relations

The Minister for Foreign and European Affairs of the Grand Dutchy of Luxembourg Jean Asselborn paid a courtesy call on President Gotabaya Rajapaksa at the Presidential Secretariat today (31). The Minister was accompanied with the Delhi based Luxembourg Ambassador Jean Claude Kugener.

Luxembourg and Sri Lanka are very similar, the Minister noted. Both are small countries and just like Sri Lanka has India and China as powerful neighbours, Luxembourg is sandwiched between France and Germany.

The discussion was mostly centered on strengthening bilateral relations between the two countries.

President Rajapaksa was interested in the renewable energy, cargo and financial sector solutions that Luxembourg can offer Sri Lanka.

“Sri Lanka with its year around Sun would really benefit with solar power solutions,” observed the Minister.

“Investors in solar and wind are certainly welcomed in Sri Lanka”, stated the President. “Another good area to explore in Sri Lanka is agriculture. Today, there’s a big market for organic vegetables in the world. The Middle Eastern countries are bid importers. Sri Lanka is an ideal country considering the easy distance to supply to such markets”.

Though he himself is not an expert on the banking sector, the Minister said that Luxembourg is a financial hub and would have much to offer Sri Lanka. Secretary to the President Dr. P. B. Jayasundara who was also present at the discussion noted that sometimes it is easier to work with smaller entities with regard to financial concerns.

Reiterating his commitment to develop the lives of the people, the President said “We need commercial investments to come to the country. We do not want money but investments in terms of education, technology, agriculture and industry. The high tech industries can certainly take advantage of our highly trainable workforce”.

The Minister promised to talk to the cargo sector and interest them in investing in Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan Ambassador in Brussels Ms. Grace Asirwatham could certainly facilitate the areas that were just discussed, he said.

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