Budget provisions to solve shortage of drinking water

Budget provisions to solve shortage of drinking water

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa assured provisions from the annual budget to resolve the shortage of drinking water in several districts.

“During my tour across the country in the last 2-3 weeks, one of the major issues I was presented by the people is the scarcity of drinking water. This issue was discussed with the Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa as well. Lack of drinking water is an issue which needs immediate attention and plans have been set in motion to address it” President added.

President Rajapaksa made these remarks during his campaign tour of the Badulla district today(August 01) in support of the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna(SLPP) candidates in the upcoming general election.

President participated in the public rally organized at the playground in close vicinity to Dowa Rajamaha Vihara, Bandarawela and assured the crowd that he would take steps to resolve issues faced by the people in the Badulla district. SLPP candidate Rohitha Thilakarathne had organized this public gathering.

President Rajapaksa was welcomed amidst cheers at the public meeting organized by candidate Uditha Lokubandara in the Haliela Pradhesiya Sabha playground.

President also attended the public rally organized in close proximity to Senanayake Botanical garden, Badulla and exchanged pleasantries with the crowd present. The rally was organized by the minister Nimal Siripala De Silva.

A Grade 3 student of the Viharamahadevi Girls School in Badulla, Dindhuli Lesanya handed over her till to the President in support of the ITUKUMA COVID 19 fund. In addition, the President was also apprised of an automated machine to spray sanitizers built by a Grade 7 student of St. Thomas’ College, Bandarawela.

A souvenir made by D.M Upathissa was presented to the President during the tour.

President attended the public rallies and engaged in cordial conversations with the crowds in Namunukula junction, Passara and Passara Public playground which were organized by the candidates Sendhil Thondaman and Chamara Sampath Dassanayake respectively.

Earlier today(August 01), President Gotabaya Rajapaksa guaranteed that his quest to eradicate poverty will not be abandoned. Speaking at a public gathering in Badulla today(August 01), he noted that despite job opportunities for some in the past poor were left behind.

President Rajapaksa assured that he will honor every promise in his policy framework “Vistas of Prosperity and Splendour” and following the general election, promised 150,000 job appointments for underprivileged and graduates will be granted. In addition, the President also revealed a plan to provide employment for students who had succeeded in O/L and A/L following a satisfactory training program.

President made these remarks at Mahaweli playground, Mahiyangana during the election tour in the Badulla district in support of the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (candidates) in the Wednesday’s general election.

The public rally was organized by the SLPP candidate Thenuka Vidanagama.

President stated that every time a patriotic leader is elected to the highest office in the country, eventually conspirators and extremists would emerge to sabotage his/her policies and vision.

A group of people has created a baseless crisis in relation to the Colombo Port. President assured that it will not diminish his spirit while performing his duty to eradicate poverty.

President Rajapaksa promised to continue the Moran Ela Irrigation Project, which had come to an abrupt stop, and provide drinking water for the residents of Mahiyangana. The crowd informed the hardships including wild elephant intrusions, drug menace, shortcomings in the Dehigolla Maha Vidyalaya to the President.

In support of the ITUKAMA COVID 19 Fund, a young girl, D.B Sashikala Sewwandhi handed over her till to the President during the rally.

President Rajapaksa also engaged in cordial conversation with the crowd gathered along the road to Mahiyangana.

President was warmly welcomed amidst cheers upon his arrival at the public gathering in Kandaketiya Weekly fair premises, Wiyaluwa organized by the SLPP candidate Oshadie Hewamadduma.

“I would implement a proper plan to permanently resolve the elephant intrusions and shortage of water supply for irrigation in the area.” President assured. He added that he would take steps to return inherited lands for cultivation purposes.

President stated that he would examine each and every issue in order to successfully combat poverty and uplift the lives of the people under a proper strategy.

President Rajapaksa also participated in the public rally organized in the close vicinity to Meegahakiwula fair premises, Wiyaluwa and exchanged pleasantries with the crowd present and inquired into the issues they face in the area. The rally was organized by the candidate Dilan Perera.

President Rajapaksa was concerned about the request by a young student of Meegahakiwula National College to restore the Ellakanda road to the previous condition and assigning a public bus in the route. President informed the officials to note it down.

The residents of the area requested the Loggala oya to be diverted so that 3000 acres of barren paddy lands could be cultivated.

President was also informed about the shortage of teachers for Advanced Level classes in Meegahakiwula National College and several other shortcomings.

The principal and the students of Lunuwatta National College, Paranagama requested the President to construct a teacher’s quarters and playground for the school.

The President encouraged the efforts of the potato farmers and added that the researchers at the Seed Research Center, Badulla are working on a high yielding Potato seed which would ultimately help farmers for a better yield.

President Rajapaksa exchanged pleasantries with the crowd in public rallies organized by the candidates Chamika Buddhadasa and Sampath Jayasundera in Ambagasdhowa Pradheshiya Sabha playground and Welimada Pradheshiya Saba Weekly fair premises respectively.

The locals informed the President about the issues related to businesses along with the other issues they face regularly. President was also informed of a lightweight leaf crushing machine manufactured by a person named Gamini Kumarasinghe, a resident of Udaperuwa.

Young Miheli Nilmini Rathnayake, a student of Vijaya Vidyalaya, Welimada handed over her till to the President in order to support the ITUKAMA COVID 19 fund.

President Rajapaksa was welcomed amidst cheers of the crowd at the public gatherings organized by candidates Sudarshana Denipitiya and Janaka Thissakuttiarachchi in Bandarawela Municipal Council premises and Pradeshiya Sabha playground, Diyathalawa respectively.

President was apprised of the requirements to implement a proper procedure to grant compensations to farmers and safe means of transportation for the produce they harvest.



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