People applaud the new political culture introduced by President

People applaud the new political culture introduced by President

People applauded President Gotabaya Rajapaksa for leading by example for the transformation of election campaigns and the entire political culture in the country by infusing civility into them during a short period of time.

A new art of election campaign sans posters, banners and cutouts and violent conflicts has emerged. People say it is a pleasing result of the actions taken by the President as the Head of the State from last year’s Presidential Election up to now.

People expressed these views when President participated in the meeting at weekly fair ground in Bandaragama.

President Rajapaksa was in Kalutara district today (29) to extend his support to the candidates of Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna contesting next Wednesday’s Parliamentary Election.

The meeting was organized by candidate Lalith Ellawala.

The administration of the President has won the hearts of majority of the people. As a result, President will receive a landslide victory to form a strong Parliament irrespective of political affiliations.  People request the President to use this power to rebuild the country through a Constitutional amendment.

President was warmly welcomed by the people at the meeting organized by former State Minister Vidura Wickremanayake at weekly fair ground in Horana.

Responding to a query President said low-income recipients and graduate employment schemes will be implemented as soon as the election is over.

A girl child Hasali Vidumuni, a student of Horana Thakshila Kanishta Vidyalaya donated a till with her savings to COVID – 19 Fund.

President also attended the meeting organized by candidate Lalith Waranakumara at the Public Ground in Ballapitiya. President was informed of the issues related to education, agriculture and road network in the area.

Umega, Sewwandi, a student of Remuna Maha Vidyalaya donated her till be used for the COVID Fund.

Attending gatherings organized by candidates Yasapala Koralage and Sanjeewa Edirimanna at Provincial Council Ground in Ingiriya and Mahaweli Ground in Bulathsinhala respectively, President engaged in cordial discussion with the public.

Candidate Sanjeewa Edirimanna informed the President of the possibility of transforming Kalutara District as the hub for rubber based finished goods.  A proposal was made to the President to recruit those who have been working at the Rubber Development Department for a long period of time on temporary basis by granting them permanent employment.

President also participated in the meeting organized by candidates Udeni Athukorala in Baduraliya, Chandra Bhanu Adikaram at Children’s Park in Matugama and Anupa Piyum Pasquel at weekly fair ground in Galmaththa.

Responding to requests by students President said measures will be taken to address existing shortages at Meegama Kanishta Vidyalaya and to elevate Walagedara Maha Vidyalaya in to a National School.

A set of proposals aimed at developing Kalutara district was handed over to President by candidate Anupa Piyum Pasquel.

Attending the meeting organized by Piyal Nishantha in Beruwala, President requested the public to elect 8 competent members from the district who have no allegations of fraud and corruption and ready to work with him.

Maha Sangha chanted Seth Pirith and invoked blessings on the President at the gathering organized by candidate Rohitha Abeygunawardene near Railway Station in Kalutara.

President exchanged pleasantries with the public present at the venue.

The official website of Rohitha Abeygunawardene was also launched by the President.

R.A. Dahamdi Wihansa, a Grade 1 student at Horana Shreepali Vidyalaya donated her till collection to the COVID Fund.








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