People overwhelmed by President’s visits to their villages

People overwhelmed by President’s visits to their villages

People applaud the new concept enunciated by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to visit from town to town and village to village, listen to their grievances and provide solutions to them.

The new concept introduced in place of public rallies is instrumental in minimizing waste of resources and the negative impact on the environment caused by the use of posters, banners and cutouts. People are of the view that it is a great consolation to see the President get the ground reality as well as solving many problems immediately.

People made these remarks while engaging in discussion with the President during his election campaign tour in Gampaha today (30) for the second time.

President was requested by the people at the meeting organized by former State Minister Nimal Lanza at Wellapitiya Ground in Negombo to take measures to halt destructions caused to Negombo lagoon and surrounding mangrove marshland and to develop the lagoon.

President engaged in cordial discussion with the people at the gathering organized by candidate Ananda Harischandra in Katana.

President instructed Minister Prasanna Ranatunga to look into the difficulties faced by cab drivers as a result of Easter Sunday attacks and closure of the Airport in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic.

People requested the President to put in place a proper mechanism for garbage disposal and protect the Muthurajawela wetland. It was also proposed to the President to extend the allowance paid to kidney patients in North Central Province to other districts as well.

President was accorded a grand welcome at the meetings organized by Minister Prasanna Ranatunga at the weekly fair ground in Udugampola.

President inspected the garbage recycle machine manufactured by Vikum Sampath Dimbulgashena, a resident of the area. The machine can separate 15 tonns of waste into metal, plastic and carbon and recycle within an hour. The machine can prevent the spread of odor using a chemical component and the entire process is monitored through cameras.

During this tour, Senura Prabhashwara ,a 5th grade student of Bandarawatta Parakrama Maha Vidyalaya, contributed to the ITUKAMA COVID 19 fund by presenting his till to the President.

The President who participated at the public meeting organized by candidate Lakshman Gunawardena at the Gampaha Municipal Council car park engaged in a cordial discussion with the people gathered at the venue.

President Rajapaksa was presented a felicitation certificate by the Commercial Industries and Progressive Workers Union in recognition of his service to upgrade the Gampaha Wickramarachchi Ayurvedic Institute as a fully-fledged university fulfilling the promises given in ‘Vistas of Prosperity and Splendour’ national policy framework.

The people gathered at the public meeting organized by the candidate Nalaka Godahewa at the Gampaha Town requested the President to enact stern laws to prevent child abuse.  The public at the scene extended their appreciation to the President for creating an opportunity to elect intellectuals to the Parliament.

When President Rajapaksa arrived at the public meeting held at the Veyangoda Old Bus stop premises, candidate Priyantha Pushpakumara presented the  Veyangoda Town Development Plan to the President.

The Chairman of the Attanagalla Co-op Society apprised the President regarding the need of amending the Co-operative Societies Act as well as the requirement of appointing competent officials to the Co-operative Commission.

The President was warmly welcomed by the people gathered at the public meeting organized by candidate Upul Mahendra near the Varana Rajamaha Viharaya, Attanagalla when he arrived at the venue.

People also requested the President to limit the immigration of Indian labourers and to provide the opportunity to acquire technical knowledge and equipment for those who are engaged in traditional gold and silver crafting.

Responding to a request by the students at the meeting organized by candidate Milan Jayathilaka at the public car park , Kirindiwela President said a  school bus will be provided to travel between Kirindiwela to the Defence College.

President also paid his attention to the request of granting permanent employment to a group who have completed 25 years of service at the Road Development Authority in Western Province.

The President who joined the public meetings organized by candidate Vernon Gunathilake at the Dekatana engaged in a cordial discussion with the people gathered at the venue.

Minister Prasanna Ranatunga was also present on the occasion.


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